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Executive Board


Deon Hopkins, Sr. is the Founder/President of The Sacramento Ducks Youth Organization.  The Sacramento Ducks is a charitable, non-profit youth services organization serving mainly elementary, middle and opportunity youth. Deon has been an active youth leader, he has been very successful in working on social reforms, human rights advocacies and youth empowerment programs for over 20 years.  His focus is on community collaboration which has led him to several volunteer opportunities and community leadership rolesThe Sacramento Ducks was one of the first organizations in Sacramento to provides STEAM-infused academic enrichment programs, evidenced-based life skills training programs, job training/workforce development in the Charter School Programs in Sacramento.  Deon is passionate about advocacy and provides mentorship programs to ensure that basic needs are met, and community empowerment programs via the organization’s One Dream/One Voice initiatives. Collectively these programs are referred to as From School to Life with wellness at the core. Our top priority however, is to increase high school graduation rates amongst urban youth and to prepare students for college and/or careers. Mr. Hopkins has many years of experience in the revitalization of communities and making sure that his team members are inexorably linked to the groups, other innovative programs aligned with mission and strategic intent, and the assembling and development of high-performance organizations around them.